SPACE UltraLounge

SPACE UltraLounge is an After Hours Dance Club & Smoking Lounge. Now located at 211 W University Avenue, Downtown Gainesville, Florida. Open Wednesday & Thursday 10pm – 4am, Saturday & Friday 10pm – 6am. You must be 18+ to enter and 21 or older to purchase a Hookah or tobacco products. We offer Full Service Hookah Sessions, Cigars, Drinks & Snacks. We now offer a variety of CBD Products from Green Life Innovations, a local based company. We offer CDB Flower (bud), CBD Tinctures and CBD Pre-rolled King Size Joints. All of which can be enjoyed in our safe and secure Smoke and Vape friendly environment.

It’s 2am and all the bars and clubs are closing, but you’re not ready to end the night? Grab your friends and “Take a Trip to SPACE” and keep the party going! SPACE UltraLounge is a of a kind experience and like no other Hookah Bars / Lounges or Night Clubs in Gainesville. We have a unique 2 floor layout. With a Dance Club downstairs, for those who want to keep the party going and dance all night. Or a Smoking Lounge upstairs for those who want to a relaxing way to end the night.

If you’re not looking to dance to dawn and want a great way to wind down after a night of partying? End your night with a relaxing Hookah Session. Whether you’re solo or with a group of friends, we have sections to accommodate individuals, couples and groups up to 10. Hookah Sessions start at $10, and there’s over 30 flavors to choose from. Including tobacco free options and exclusive flavors. We are now serving CBD infused Hookah, just ask for the “Rocket Boost”!

We proudly Serve “Non-Tradional” Hookahs Sessions. Starting with Hookahs that have 2, 3 and 4 individual hoses. This eliminates the hassle of sharing a single hose, constantly change tips and waiting for your turn. We only use High quality shisha (flavored tobacco) and 100% natural coconut coals. The natural coals contain no chemicals that can give off a foul taste and can be harmful to your health. This just means that it takes a little longer to receive a higher quality Hookah. We also take the time to make sure your Hookah is hot and ready to smoke. We do all the hard work getting it started for you. Once you receive your Hookah, you will notice the immediate difference. We “focus on flavor!” Smoking our Hookahs is more similar to a vaping experience. You will get a much cooler smoke with big flavorful clouds that will last for over an hour. We also advise on how to get the best experience while avoiding the typical negative effects of smoking Hookah. Like headaches, nausea, feeling light headed, etc.

No Alcohols is sold or allowed inside of SPACE. No outside food or drink allowed inside of SPACE.

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You can Call or Text us at 352-870-9723

Please keep in mind that we may not be available to answer calls or respond text messages during the peak business hours of 1am – 3am Friday and Saturday nights. You can also send us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat: @SpaceLounge352

You may also use the form below for media requests or to reserve a section for a party of 10 or more. Section reservations are highly recommended for large groups of 8 or more people, especially if you plan to “Take a Trip to SPACE” on a Friday or Saturday Night after midnight.

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